Search Initiatives is focused on delivering against a simple idea:Driving new business to local businesses all across the US. The complex and confusing world of online advertising is beyond the experience or expertise of most local businesses. Even large companies with dedicated marketing teams struggle to adapt to the constantly landscape of new media. It’s just about impossible for local business with little or no marketing muscle to keep up. Local businesses are not typically looking for clicks or likes they want calls from potential clients looking for a reservation or a quote. That’s where Search Initiatives comes in. We work with those local businesses or their marketing representatives to drive leads from prospective clients delivered through the mechanism which has served local very well businesses for so long; the telephone.

When the online revolution started back in the late 1990’s large advertisers quite rapidly realized the opportunity represented by online advertising, especially through search. That drove the massive success story which is Google. By contrast local businesses typically continued to rely on traditional often print media to drive new business. Unfortunately media consumers changed how they consume media much faster than local businesses were able to accommodate that change. We saw the virtual implosion of the yellow pages industry and the rapid decline of newspapers as a local advertising force. This left local businesses without access in many cases without access to effective advertising channels. The channels which have emerged are often complex to understand and if used inefficiently can be very expensive. It’s quite possible for the inexperienced marketer to blow through a years’ worth of budget without achieving any tangible results.

At the same time the new media landscape has been changing rapidly so the way we experience that media has changed too. We increasingly rely on our smart phones for almost everything online, it makes perfect sense that the mobile device even more than before becomes the default way we look for and contact service providers. Yet the task of getting found on any device let alone on the much reduced real estate of mobile devices is hard, really hard.

Search Initiatives is at the heart of this new equation connecting people looking for products or services online with suppliers through the tracked phone call. It’s a simple model which makes perfect sense to the hard pressed business person as they are only charged for the calls which we generate. Back in 1784 John Wannamaker famously claimed that half of all marketing dollars are wasted, the problem is we don’t know which half. Our equation where we only charge for the calls we generate means that we provide essentially as near to a risk free solution as possible.

Executive Management

Tim Judd
Chairman & Chief Executive
Ralph Williams
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Olivier Baudoux
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Board of Directors

Ali Riaz
Board Member
Dr. Stanley G. Rosen
Board Member
Bill Blevins
Board Member



    “eLocal Listing is a phenomenal company to work with. I have been working with them since 2009 and I am truly pleased with their work. I have several businesses that I run, and I entrust all my advertising with eLocal Listing. As a result of their campaigns my phones just keep on ringing. Their customer service is outstanding and they truly care about their customers.”
    Alex Rariz

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